Make Your Trip Amazing With Briny

We want all our tourists to experience the thrill of riding and diving on crystal clear waters, discover the beautiful underwater world at the top sites or simply unwind with a glass of champagne on a luxury boat.

Tours & Activities

Signature Swim & Land’s End Arch
Fun, exciting tours for diving with dolphins, underwater wildlife introduction and exclusive…
Luxury Day Sailing Tour
Relax and enjoy boat/yacht sailing. Book any boat online and experience the…
Whale Shark Encounter
If you like adrenaline we are excited to offer our shark &…
Snorkeling Expedition
Snorkeling expeditions are another awesome type of underwater adventures for divers.
Open Water Diver Certification
This tour gives you an opportunity to get a certificate while having…
Sea Of Cortez Wildlife & Snorkeling Adventure
This is one of the best spots for underwater wildlife & snorkeling…

Beneficios del Buceo

1. Disminuye el Estrés
2. Aumenta la Capacidad Motríz

3. Aumenta la Capacidad Muscular
4. Ayuda a Perder Peso
5. Favorece el Sistema Circulatorio

6. Eleva el Rendimiento Corporal.
7. Acelera el Metabolismo.
8. Aumenta el Bienestar Emocional.

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